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August Farm Update

August Farm Update

August has been a busy month so far at Red Lion Organic Farms. With garlic harvesting and processing well under way and the market garden booming, we are hard at work and enjoying every moment.

Our crew worked hard this year to get all the garlic harvested and hanging in record time and we are now full to the brim with big, beautiful seed garlic as well.  Check out the giant walls of garlic hanging in our drying facility and the giant bulbs we harvested this year. We grew and harvested 6 varieties this year including: Italian, Majestic, Music, Red Russian, Chesnock Red and Persian Star. Come Sept 1st, we will start shipping our certified organic seed garlic to excited home-gardeners and farmers across Canada. You can get yours by visiting the catalog section of our website here.  If you are interested in the process of drying garlic, please visit last year’s blog entry covering the subject here.

Our market garden is producing spectacularly well this year with gorgeous brassicas, hardy root vegetables and sumptuous lettuces have flourished under Farm Manager Gabrielle Clement’s talented green thumb.

These beautiful kohlrabi, rainbow beets, red buttercrunch lettuce and multi-coloured cauliflower are all heading to local stores. You can get yours today at the Following locations:


Kootenay Coop

Ellison’s Market


Crescent Valley

Natural Market


The Goods


Salmo Foods

Shop Easy


Liberty Foods

Rossland & Trail

Ferraro Foods

Photo Credits: Shelley MacKnight

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