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Garlic - FAQ

How much organic seed garlic should I buy?

It all depends on the garlic yield you would like to have. Assuming good growing conditions you need:

  • for 10 pounds of garlic - plant 2-3 pounds of organic seed garlic
  • for 25 pounds of garlic - plant 6-8 pounds of organic seed garlic
  • for 50 pounds of garlic - plant 12-14 pounds of organic seed garlic
  • for 100 pounds of garlic - plant 22-25 pounds of organic seed garlic

Usually the hardneck garlic ( Rocambole, Porcelain and Purple Stripe are hardneck garlic varieties ) multiples by 400-600%.

How to grow my own organic garlic?

First you need to buy some healthy, high quality organic seed garlic bulbs.

To learn how to grow the garlic please click here to read the article about growing garlic on our blog.

How long can I keep fresh garlic cloves?

Our garlic has a shelf life of 6-10 months when stored at room temperature in moderate-low humidity with good air circulation.

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