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Storing Garlic

Storing Garlic

Softneck garlic can be kept in good condition under commercial storage conditions for up to 9 months when held near 0°C (32°F), or for 1 to 2 months at ambient temperatures of 20° to 30°C (68° to 86°F). Hardneck garlic - all the varieties we sell are hardneck garlick - will store for up to 6 months under ideal conditions.

The home refrigerator (typically 4°C or 40°F) is not suitable for optimal long-term storage of garlic because holding garlic at that temperature stimulates sprouting. Instead,

Instead, store both hardneck and softneck garlic bulbs in a cool, dry, well ventilated place in well-ventilated containers such as mesh bags.
Storage life is 3 to 5 months under cool (16°C or 60°F), dry, dark conditions. When stored too long the garlic cloves may shrivel or begin to sprout. Neither is harmful, on a contrary, they are still pretty healthy, but both are an indication that the garlic is no longer at its peak quality. If the garlic has sprouted, the clove can be cut in half and the center green sprout removed and discarded.

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